Olympus WS-801 Voice Recorder

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The Olympus WS-801 is easy to utilize and figure out. The display is a little small, but informative and it is very light and simply suits in a breast pocket. It has diffrent recording types so if your in a lecture in school you can put it on lecture or if you’re just needing to record a music off the radio station it has a recording type for that as well.

This recorder has a variety of features that are very helpful. First of all, you can set the record performance to various preset levels. Next, it has very awesome mics built-in that can record voices perfectly even if the person is various feet away.

There’s a port for an SD card that enables you to expand the memory significantly. With the built-in USB plug. It suits all of your laptop or computer without an extension. Because the WS-801 can record directly to MP3, WMV, and WAV. It comes with a USB rechargeable AAA battery but you can modify the configurations to enable for alkaline batteries.

Where Can I Buy TheĀ  Olympus WS-801?

You can find online. Amazon.com has this Olympus WS-801 on sale. If you are looking for the best webcam deals online, you have to check the best selling Digital Voice Recorders on amazon.

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